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Coffee, community, cause

  • Coffee Roasted just for you.

  • USDA Certified Organic.

  • Coaching on Water Witch's reputable brewing practices. 

  • Dedicated to Community and the arts.       


When? Where? How?

Coffee with a Cause

Water Witch, founded in 2006, in a tiny town by the sea  surrounded by a community of seafaring, caffeine loving, clam digging, piano tuning, hunting, baking, sailing, doctoring, guitar strumming, legal practicing, bottle diving, bongo banging, poetry and painting not just art, but the world with love type of people.  Over java talks come all walks of life, to play music, exhibit art, talk of philosophy, politics, God, or just to sit and be.  To gather... to communicate... to grow over a delicious cup of Joe. Which brings us to our COFFEE. Water Witch has an established reputation of offering the best coffee.  All beans are sourced from outstanding farms and roasted to perfection only days before shipping to our customers. Our coffee, and our outreach to communities is the essence of enrichment!  

And this we offer to you. 

Fresh Roasted Coffees

Community Outreach and Arts Events 

A percentage of all profits are donated to the

Water Witch Foundation.

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