Ministry of Artistic Intent (Chelsea Palermo) hosts the poetry jam where poets from all walks join in to create Jazz & Poetry. Musicians David Pershan (piano) and Steven G. Kelly (drums) create an incredible sound, stemming from classic Jazz training, crossed with mode...

Grammy Nominated songwriter and NY Blues Hall of Fame inductee, Christine Santelli (guitar, vocals) teams up with Blues Hall of Fame, powerhouse Heather Lil’ Mama Hardy (fiddle,vocals) for special project.
After a successful tour down south and out west, Santelli and H...

In June, Maggie Mazza set out searching… for her own style, her inspiration, to blossom as the artist she felt was hiding. The roots to those blossoms were not found by our favored oceans, but in as equally a beautiful setting, the desert.

After visiting New Mexico and...

popular and rediculously creative 
Jazz & Poetry Jam
October 22, 2017

Eric Sommer, touring most days of the year around the world, will be joining us at Water Witch for a solo show. His talents are remarkable, finger picking and lyrics delightful. He is glad to be performing in our small room so he can be up and personal with all of you.

Bring your instruments, bring yourselves, but most importantly bring SOUL!

Three close friends, who while also playing kick down the doors electric style projects, take their love of acoustic music and instruments to a different place, featuring the bluesy voice of Ms. D Alfano, on top of the buttery smooth playing of Mr. Riley Schiro on acou...

Four studies, Fire-borough, Manhattan Lives, Urban Decay and Portraits of Nature, will be exhibited for Bart Lentini’s “I Left My Heart in Highlands”.  Lentini gives us a window into the fragility of humanity and civilization. He captures the notion of abandonment in f...

Bring instruments ...bring yourselves.  Most certainly, bring some rhythm and soul.  

Traditional Veteran Irish Musicians, both local and from NYC, gather to play some classic Irish tunes. 

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