The collaboration between prodigious creative expands our perspectives and demonstrates the vast forms in which we communicate.  In Outsiders, two of these minds, Alex Jackson and Daimon Alexandrius, combine the certainty of nature with the fantastical possi...

How curious...Lets just say a woman from another land will be paired with a woman from this land for an impromptu improvised concert.  More information to come.

1pm-3pm. Come listen to some phenomenal musicians play some phenomenal Jazz before you hit up your super bowl party. Lead by David Pershan on piano, Joseph Peterson on bass and Tom Cottone on drums, Water Witch Jazz blends traditional jazz with modern tunes.
Steven Kel...

Bring your instrument, bring yourself, but most importantly bring some soul.  Ask for Billy Keys if ya wanna jam!

Led by Jim Tynan, every second Sunday this wonderful group of Irish Musicians gathers at Water Witch.  

Conor Quigley and his trio gets everyone jumpin' and jivin' and happy as can be... he is coming back to Highlands and you definitely want to hear this dynamic musician!

He transports his 66 key piano to the Asbury Park boardwalk, and other streets in Asbury, giving the...

It is time for our incredibly festive and popular Christmas Party Jam!!!

Admission is free to all.

Please bring either something to drink or a dish to share.   

If you want to jam bring your instrument, and your soul, of course.  

 Bring your instrument, bring yourself, but most importantly bring some soul!

 Jim Tynan, and a dedicated crew of wonderful musicians, continue to draw Irish music lovers for this jam!  

Bring an instrument or just come to enjoy the music!

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67 Waterwitch Ave, Highlands, NJ 07732

(732) 204-2468 

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