December 7, 2019 Meet-the-Artists Reception - Artists, Donald Cross and Theresa Smith-Gjertsen

Photographer, Donald Cross and Mixed Media Artist, Theresa Gjertsen

Theresa Smith-Gjertsen, is inspired by nature, and its essence, balance. Her mixed media paintings are intensely layered with more than just the paint and pieces. "More feelings than thoughts go into Theresa's paintings with the hope that she will evoke the same in others and make that raw human connection. Each piece has so many layers produced from multiple mediums, it has been a different painting many times and the finished product is the result of all these layers- just as our own deeper layers define our present self. "

Gjertsen was Born and raised in New Jersey, the youngest of 8 children. She matriculated at Mason Gross School of the Arts majoring in printmaking. In 2012 she created her own business, Identity Lab, to help other small businesses define a visual identity for their brand. Water Witch can testify to Theresa's wonderful vision with branding as she designed our Water Witch logo five years ago!

Scotsman, Donald Cross, in his debut art show, will be featuring photographs of the Highlands area. All the photos are of the local landscape that we all feel lucky to behold daily.

Cross, originally from Scottland and now living in Atlantic Highlands states that, "Photography fills a big gap as I struggle with painting and drawing. It takes me to a creative place where I can replicate an image that has been imprinted in my head for days, or for weeks. I see a photograph before I take it, and this can be a long process.

Sometimes I write down the location, what I saw, as well as when I need to return to the site. I am drawn towards landscapes, cityscapes, and long exposure. Natural lighting and weather conditions play an essential element. For example, "Officers Row" photograph was a long exposure on a cloudy day as I wanted to create a moody silky sky in black and white. I enjoy Highlands area and the opportunity it offers regarding photography and meeting local people. My dream assignment would be a photography book about Scotland. The mountains, the glens, the lochs, the castles, cities and towns, the lowlands, the highlands and finally the islands. Maybe one day! Tha mi an dòchas gun còrd na dealbhan rium (gealic).

Water Witch is excited to bring you the beautifully inspired, and created, pieces of Donald Cross and Theresa Smith-Gjertsen!


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