July 18, 2019 Rob Of Taxpayers Presents Song of the Week Club tour

Special intimate night with Rob Morton of Tapayers and special guests.

"The Song of the Week Club is where I share a new song I’ve written each week. Sometimes they end up on records by The Taxpayers, The Trusty Snakes, Negation, Trash Swan. Sometimes they're for nothing in particular. I try to write one every other night or so, which ends up being a whole bunch of songs each year - but only about 10-15 of them end up on records. Me and my cats are the only ones that usually hear those lost demos. Until now! If you become a member of the SOTWC, I'll send you one of those demo songs that I've been working on every Tuesday of every week throughout the year. Sometimes they might include a tutorial or an explanation. Sometimes not. They are the skeletons of sad little monsters being built from thin air. You might see some of them on a record (sounding much different) in the next few years." ~Rob Morton


Kev Daly

Cranston Dean

courtlyn louise

Batting a Thousand

Jeff Linden

Rob Morton

Water Witch is honored to have Rob stopping by Water Witch on his tour. AND with wonderful songwriters on the lineup! What a treat!


67 Waterwitch Ave, Highlands, NJ 07732

(732) 204-2468 

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