Flying Stag Saturday, March 23, 2019 @7pm

Väl Challah

Norwegian death metal guitarist turned synth-pop proponent, Väl Challah, will be performing solo for the first time in the U.S. at Water Witch Coffee in Highlands, NJ on March 23rd.

A viking of few words, Väl will be playing traditional music from his beloved island home, Moskenesøya, as well as songs he’d learned while spending six months in deep space. He might have to explain that part a little.

Though best known for his work with the genre defying group, Daughter Vision, Väl is also pursuing his love of fashion through his own apparel business, Stygg Ulv (Ugly or Slightly Messy Wolf.)

“I like my clothing to look as though it were hacked and torn by a dull hunting knife because it was. I only have the one knife and it’s pretty lousy.”Please join us at Water Witch for an intimate evening of intrepid sagas, hot coffee, and sleeveless t-shirts.


born in Harlem, New York, started as a performer of drumset at age 9. Today as a drummer she weaves within the genres of rock, jazz, experimental, progressive, funk/R&B and world music.

April's other trademark is the riqq, or Arabic tambourine, paving the way for women riqq players in her community with her own original comprehensive and successful methodology in Chiqqs with Riqqs.

Centrone has led workshops in Arabic music around the world, including Taipei Chinese Orchestra Silk Road Conference, Taiwan University of the Arts, Music Therapy workshop tour of Malaysia, Berklee School of Music and Cleveland Institute of Music. Centrone co-founded Arabic music and language project مشروع جذور لبنان Project Roots Lebanon, serving youth of refugee camps and underprivileged zones throughout Lebanon.

April prides her work on encouraging women to feel they are allowed to explore and even master these instruments which are still mostly played by men.

Riley Schiro

born and raised in Red Bank, NJ, Riley Schiro is best known for his shredding with the Cranston Dean Band, and also plays with other great bands such as Alix Gagliastro Band, Mercury Brothers, and Kenny K and the Way. What some people don't know about Riley is that, aside from playing lead guitar, he writes and sings beautiful songs, as well. Before studying music at Brookdale, Riley picked up a guitar at the age of 13 has been playing gigs on the Jersey Shore since he was 16 years old!


67 Waterwitch Ave, Highlands, NJ 07732

(732) 204-2468 

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