October 21 "Desert Roots" Maggie Mazza

In June, Maggie Mazza set out searching… for her own style, her inspiration, to blossom as the artist she felt was hiding. The roots to those blossoms were not found by our favored oceans, but in as equally a beautiful setting, the desert.

After visiting New Mexico and Arizona, Maggie said she found herself “jumping to create the inspirations around me.” Creating and selling art as she moved from state-to- state, Mazza covered fourteen states and six art shows in three months.

Mazza’s exhibit “Desert Roots” is a collection of Maggie’s new found, yet somehow nostalgic, inspiration. On canvas, using acrylics and molding paste for texture, Mazza has transformed the memories of her nostalgic childhood sketches of skulls into massive, colorful pieces of landscapes and animals. Art Opening October 21 7-9pm

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