A lifelong resident of Bricktown, New Jersey, Alex Christian Jackson is a self taught photographer. He began shooting at thirteen years old with the interest of documenting friends and day to day life. In the process he quickly found himself exploring landscape and wildlife photography. He is currently focused on capturing wildlife in their habitats and his deep love for the natural world has brought him to over 20 national parks and multiple trips across the United States. Alex feels more connected to photographing nature because he enjoy the solitude as an escape from the world today. He has a very calculated and deliberate approach to his everyday life which carries throughout his photography work where he gets to exercise the most extreme amount of patience and precision when taking these pictures.

Born in Rahway, New Jersey in 1987 and then raised in the Pine Barrens, Daimon Alexandrius Santa Maria is a self-taught illustrator, musician, puppeteer, beekeeper and a person who creates things. He developed an interest in drawing and music from a very young age, primarily by the influence of his father. In an effort to combine his more analog creative interests with the digital world he chose to pursue photography and graphic design at the Ocean County Vocational Technical School in 2005.
Since graduating he has used his graphic design skills to help brand and promote many musicians and businesses in the New Jersey music community while concentrating on his drawing skills as a sketch artist for the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office. Daimon became a certified police sketch artist in 2011 to assist in crime scene investigations and can draw suspect portraits from a witness description or from surveillance footage of insufficient quality.
To balance out the serious nature of his job, Daimon enjoys writing and illustrating stories while exploring music as a singer, songwriter, and musician. He plays a variety of instruments including flute,piano,sitar,and guitar. Daimon has recieved several nominations and awards in Asbury Park for his musicianship and song writing and you can hear his contributions to the music world by listening to his solo work "Daimon Alexandrius" and any of these projects he has affiliation with on Spotify / iTunes / Bandcamp:
Bone and Marrow / Karmic Juggernaut /Jiraffe Jiraffe / Elevator Art