Jacki Dickert 

Jacki Dickert’s collection of nature and landscape photographs inspired from around the world.  Globally she will take us on a journey of Tanzania, Scotland, Italy, Iceland, Namibia and Canada. From the U.S. Dickert explores Alaska, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and California.


If the international images are not enough to spark an interest she has created a hyperlocal series inspired by the rust of the sea wall in Highlands, The Sea Wall of Wonder. The images celebrate the beauty of the natural world by showcasing its exquisite light, flowing forms, and magical moments.  

The Sea Wall of Wonder!  During the pandemic, rather than travel afar, Dickert found abstract patterns that look like landscapes in the rusty sea wall at the end of Waterwitch Avenue.  Let your imagination be engaged by this colorful hyperlocal art!


All photographs have been printed on sheets of aluminum, using dye sublimation, resulting in a high definition vibrancy. These impactful “metal prints,” presented on floating frames without mats or glass, are immediately accessible to the viewer. Come to be inspired by the beauty of the Earth!

New Jersey photographer Jacki Dickert is passionate about the natural world. She loves traveling to exotic locations as well as exploring the local area to find and celebrate magical moments in nature.  Ms. Dickert’s photographs have been showcased in both solo and group shows at galleries throughout New Jersey.  In addition, her work has been published in Backpacker, The Sun Magazine, numerous online blogs, and on book covers. She is proud to have won first place in the Ansel Adams contest at the Fenimore Art Museum. In her mission as an “Ambassador of Wonder,” Jacki self-publishes the annual "World of Wonder" photography calendar.  


A recently retired elementary school teacher, Ms. Dickert teaches extracurricular photography classes to children and adults.  She is an active member of the Camera Naturalist Photo Club, a delegate to the NJ Federation of Camera Clubs, and an Ambassador for the Printique printing company. Finally, she enjoys doing volunteer work for local nonprofit organizations and offering her art and skills for conservation and philanthropy purposes.   


67 Waterwitch Ave, Highlands, NJ 07732

(732) 204-2694


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