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“Songwriters are very dear to me. They share a part of their lives through their words, their voices, through their words, their voice ,their instruments and the way they move plus expressions on their faces. It is an absolute honor to be able to capture and connect. I am truly blessed. Thank you to all the talented songwriters that will be sharing themselves with all of us.” Nancy Kravis has been capturing photographs of local songwriters along the Jersey Shore for the past 5 years. Her inspiration is people...and she captures the spirit of songwriting beautifully! Her homage to the area, and the amazing musicians that inspire her, will be filling Water Witch for all of February.

02/01/2020 @7pm

Nancy Kravis "Celebration of Songwriting" Opening Reception

Nancy Kravis has been capturing photographs of local songwriters along the Jersey Shore for the past 5 years. After leaving the corporate setting she found herself engrossed in photography. Her inspiration is people...”Songwriters are very dear to me. They share a part of their lives through their words, their voice ,their instruments and the way they move plus expressions on their faces. It is an absolute honor to be able to capture and connect. I am truly blessed. Thank you to all the talented songwriters that will be sharing themselves with all of us." Nancy grew up in Morris County and has called the Jersey Shore home for the past sixteen years. Her homage to the area, and the amazing musicians that inspire her, will be filling Water Witch for all of February.

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02/08/2020 @ 7pm

Gypsy Jazz Jam: Hosted by Ross Owen and Ethan Christensen

Ross Owen and Ethan Christensen of Ross Owen & the Tribe have been working their guitars with some sweet gypsy melodies. Water Witch welcomes you for an evening of Gypsy Jazz with these incredibly talented musicians. Bring an instrument and join in the jam if you are so inclined!

Click here for Ross Owen & Tribe 

02/09/2020 @1pm

Traditional Irish Music Jam

Every second Sunday of the month fine Irish musicians gather and jam.  Hosted and organized by Jim Tynan!

02/14/2020 @7pm

Candy Hearts

We are very excited to have Boots, Dan Apy, Kevin Daly, and Riley Schiro around for the hallmark day of LOVE. Luckily these beautiful musicians bring love to songwriting every day! Whether they sing of love, or about breaking up and sad sad songs, its going to be one great night of music! Hosted and organized by Kevin Daly!  

02/01/2020 @7pm

Young Women of Songwriting

These four amazing young women will be opening Nancy Kravis's "Celebration of Songwriters".

   Ghastly Dipper has been playing and writing music since she was 10 years old. Water Witch was lucky to meat her at the age of 12, and has been a fan since that day. Her captivating lyrics and beautiful melodies along with wonderful guitar will hold you and keep you mesmerized.

Click here for a video of Ghastly Dipper
    Lara Grant is a versatile musician who performs all year long. She uses her beautiful voice and keyboard talents to entertain audiences throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Grant has wowed audiences with thousands of people at street fairs and fundraisers and is always invited back. Her influences are The Allman Brothers Band, Three Dog Night and Lynyrd Skynyrd to name a few, but always favors the big belting songs from Lady Gaga and Adele. Click here to watch Lara 
   Eve Riggio is a self taught musician from Keyport. She has been playing out at open mics for the past three years. Her inspirations are 311, The Lemon Twigs, Tyler The Creator, BROCKHAMPTON, Queen, and countless others that inspire her day to day. When she played at an open mic at Water Witch, we knew someone special had arrived!
   Ruby Reggio has been performing throughout Monmouth County for the past ten years. She likes to practice music, writing & drawing.

02/11/2020 @7pm

Poets, Writers and Originals

For the past few months Rita Lynn has gathered an outstadning audience and open round of writers eager to come back for the experience.  

02/15/2020 @1pm

Billy "Keys" Sapienza and Emily Grant

Billy "Keys" Sapienza has been playing the piano since age 6. Growing up in the 60's in Chicago, Rock & Roll, Soul, and Blues were all intertwined on the radio, and jazz was playing at home. " I became a musical omnivore, and remain so today. These days, Billy spends much of his musical energies at the Water Witch Coffee Shop, hosting the Wednesday Open mic, a monthly blues jam.  He performs occasionally with vocalist Susan Haugenes in various projects, which includes saxophonist Emily Grant.

   Emily Grant picked up the saxophone in the 4th grade and hasn't put it down since.  After performing in everything from marching band to jazz trios. She received her formal education at Gettysburg College but has learned from Billy, and the other musicians she plays with, more than any textbook.  Her influences are mostly jazz and blues, but she'll play almost anything (unless it's The Eagles).  The Water Witch Coffee Shop has become her home for musical creativity and the musicians that perform there continue to inspire her.  When not at the Water Witch, she can be seen performing with one of the many other bands she's in.  On playing with Billy "Keys"- "I love playing with Billy.  Not only does he learn every song I throw at him, he continually pushes me to expand my repertoire and try new things.  Performing as a duo is just that-entirely new- and I'm very excited to hear what musical connections will come out of our improvisation."

   This will be the first venture of the two performing as a duo. 

02/15/2020 @7pm

Songwriters Charlie Krause and Erik Tuttle!

Water Witch has been fortunate over the past 4 years to watch Charlie and Erik become wonderful musicians.  They arrived at the age of seventeen and are a major reason that Water Witch is always filled with music, especially on the Wednesday and Sunday jams.  Join us on the 15th for some of their originals and great performances.   

02/16/2020 @1pm

Original music of Mark Rostek, with Anyone's Guess


Water Witch is excited to introduce the originals of  Mark Rostek.- "a conundrum and riddle, carrying with him 30 years of songs writing, for who knows what reason.... surrounded by Anyone's Guess, a group of musicians, singers and beautiful people, it is a troup carried to the heavens with the love of music and the universe....they want you to join them them in this journey of light and love! When gravity returns them from their tour of dive bars and parts unknown, Mark's seasoned voice will soothe the WW with tales of joy, sorrow and confusion....We look forward to the return of the enigma himself." 

02/21/2020 @7pm

EP Release "Songs My Mom Likes" by Jessie McCormick

Sp. Guest: Avery Mandeville

Jessie McCormick has been singing since 7th grade. She was highly involved in Musical theatre throughout high school eventually moving on to attain a bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts from Rowan University. In 2018 she collaborated with Rob Morton of The Taxpayers, adapting and directing a musical called “God Forgive these Bastards”. Four years ago she walked into the Ink Well Open Mic….Matt Fernicola and Avery Mandeville inspired and encouraged her to hone in on her Ukele playing and songwriting. Alongside her songwriting she is in the band Foes of Fern, with whom she sings and plays ukele. “Songs My Mom Likes” was recorded in December of 2019 as a Christmas gift for her mom. After hearing the recordings it became clear that she needed to release, and share these beautiful songs with the public!
You can find her EP at https://jessiemccormick.bandcamp.com/album/songs-my-mom-likes.

Little Hag
Avery Mandeville is a little hag from the coast of New Jersey. Her debut EP Salty was released in 2017, followed by LP Happy Birthday, Avery Jane in 2018. It was ranked the #5 best album out of New Jersey in 2018 by nj.com. Her unique voice has been compared to Roy Orbison, Angel Olsen, silk taffeta, a river of bourbon, and a car backing out of a gravel driveway. Her music is of personal and political concern, with a penchant for brutal honesty, imagery, profanity, and the taboo. In regards to her lyrics, many old men have said "I don't get it". She was named one of 8 New Jersey musicians you need to know in 2018 by the Asbury Park Press.
Please follow this link for more information at https://www.littlehag.com/

02/22/2020 @7pm

Jack Christensen & Friends with Sp. Guest: Paul Charles

Jack Christensen , singer songwriter was born and raised in the state of New York. He realized at a young age his love and passion for all genres of music .His music is a blend of Americana/Rock which is showcased in his CD Philosphy Feathers ‘N Bones released in 2010. As a musician Jack and his friends formed bands such as The Pose and The  Crows which performed in local establishments throughout Weschester County..
Jack ventured to Highlands NJ in 2010 and quickly realized he was surrounded by talented and creative musicians in the area. Later that year, Jack suffered a minor stroke affecting his abilities to compose and play music. Now, ten years later he’s back doing what he loves to do most compose ,play ,and sing his  original music . Jack believes that no matter what obstacles cross your path continue to believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams.


Special Guest: Paul Charles

Predominantly a NYC based CPA, and honored to be a long-time member of the Songwriter's Hall of Fame- https//www.songhall.org, Paul Naumann concentrates on clients focused towards the musical and cultural arts world.  He has now created Near and Dear Music as a helping hand for artistic 

02/23/2020 @7pm

Water Witch Monthly Blues Jam

Bring you instrument, bring some caffeine addicted and hungry friends, but most importantly bring some jaw dropping soul and sounds!!


Jersey Shore Songwriter Showcase

Strumberry Pie  1pm-2pm

Mary McCrink    2pm-3pm

Pam McCoy       3pm-4:30pm

James Dalton   4:30pm-5:30pm

Water Witch is excited for these well known, and loved, songwriters from all along the Jersey Shore to be joining Water Witch for Nancy's celebration of songwriting.  Check the links above for music and information on these wonderful artists!

Please see link for bios and more information.


Hometown Boyz Night Revue Returns!

Cranston Dean/ Dan Apy/ Kevin Daly/ Patty C/ Ross Owen

 This is a powerhouse lineup of some the the Jersey Shore’s favorite songwriters. Cranston Dean’s leading support along with these musicians, has been positively changing the music scene in Highlands and the surrounding area. They promote a positive and welcoming vibe to all people and musicians who arrive in Highlands! Come support live music and these musicians who are constantly giving back to the community!!! Hosted and organized by Highland’s own born and raised songwriter, Kevin Daly. His voice and songwriting is beautiful!

Cranston Dean/ Dan Apy/ Kevin Daly/Patty C/Ross Owen

3/07/2020 @7pm

Dan Leyes & Bob Linton

More information to come!

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