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Dearest Friends & Patrons,

The Witch's time is up at 67 WaterWitch Ave.  With the building under new ownership, the lease offered was not a viable solution. We wish the new owners, and Highlands, the best of success in their endeavors. Searching for the right move has been exhausting, so we are taking a pause.  As one of our customers said, "The Witch is going into hibernation".  We will have a great celebration, Last Bash at 67, to honor the customers and the space where Water Witch has grown over the past sixteen years! 

Many of the musicians who have grown with us will be performing over the next few months so please stay tuned in for the lineup! 


Joshua Ruggeri will be lining the walls with his amazing art work from August 6, 2022 - October 9, 2022!  His pieces have always been very popular with our patrons so make sure to come by to view the exhibit, or take one home if you are so lucky!  


Although our followers will miss our delicious fresh food and specialty coffee drinks, community art events will continue.


The Water Witch Foundation (501c3 ), founded in 2019 by patrons of the art events at Water Witch, will be curating art exhibits, live music and other art events as pop ups in many communities.  Continue to follow Water Witch for updates on these events as we continue to build The Water Witch Foundation website. 

Peace, Love, Water Witch

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Our Story

 Founded in 2006 by "Java Jerry" Gerson, Water Witch has brought the Highlands community together, from local heros and aficionados of all sorts, to old-time surfers and wreck divers still making waves along the coast, school teachers and clammers and a variety of amazing (and interesting) people. 
      In 2014 Valerie Browning became owner of Water Witch Coffee.  The original dedicated crew can be found at the shop alongside a new round of musicians, artists and writers.  
     Water Witch has become a cultural hub of the Jersey Shore. The Water Witch Art Gallery hosts bi-monthly exhibits and art openings.
       Monthly Sunday jams and music events, as well as, weekly Wednesday Open jams keep the place filled with amazing live music.  A regular crew of wonderful musicians, lead by Billy Keys and the question mark, Mark Rostek, gather weekly to play, inspire, and create the amazing place that Water Witch has become.  It is a very welcoming crowd so please know you will feel comfortable to join in the jam.
       As Water Witch grows with the patrons and artists, we remain dedicated to maintaining wonderful customer service, the best product.  As all people learn differently, so do they communicate differently, and through various methods.  Some use music, some visual arts, film, and some use words, but not all people use words.   Our communities and society deserve to communicate well and through all these various methods.  At Water Witch we provide a space for this positive communication and movement towards a more loving world.